The probability of finding a single person among the almost eight billion on the planet who has the same configuration of features as yourself – simple things such as hair colour, shoe or ear size – is 1 in 1,000 billion.

And then think of how many sides there are to you: there’s your tired Monday self, your fired-up clubbing self, an infatuated self, a melancholy reflective self and who knows how many more identities you might express at a job interview, at the fitness studio or at the opera through your language, clothing or hair style. There are virtually no limits.

We are many and you are a universe.



Our pens reflect something of this creative interplay between diversity and sameness. They are able to take on any conceivable identity and thrive on the capacity for constant change, yet in spite of their individuality they’re always recognizable as Prodir writing instruments.

There are a few things we give them in order to make this possible: high-quality styling, good cartridges, a hefty dose of Swissness, a long life expectancy – and a kind of empathy gene, too, because we want them to be inspiring simply due to the way they are: attractive and functional.

For more than 30 years, we have been developing and producing writing instruments used by brands the world over to communicate their values in a credible way.

Personality pens. Swiss made.

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